How strange today seem looking out my window:
You and I apart,
Shattered, and separated into timeless pieces,
like forgotten memories reflecting in a mirror
of broken glass. 
I am here, you are there,
somewhere between us
lies a thousand pieces of pain.
Heaven was far to fall 
Earth, too low to remain,
Reminiscing over the times that love once knew,
memory has never been a comforting friend.
How beautiful are the mountains from where I look,
yet, how difficult the climb!
Where lies the pleasure of joy we gods of love once knew?
Once inseparable,
now even the sea conspires to divide us. 
The journey from earth to Heaven is now.
Must we live in the world as mortals to be condemned with change? 
The world where young becomes old;
The world where all we have cherished,
can be so easily shattered, and quickly forgotten?
What is the value of life if not living for truth and love?
Save me from this wretchedness I plead you; 
save me from love, from thoughtlessness; 
and save me from the memories of a thousand pieces of pain.